• Add at least 3 new dividend stocks to my portfolio. (Bought MO, PEP, VZ, HRL, CLX, BF.B, MCD) Success!
  • Budget, document, and keep expenses at $700/mo (not including necessities).Success!(Using a budget application to document and keep track of spending, limited to $100 per week. Sometimes goes over $100 a week but still below $700 a month!)
  • Don’t sell any gold mining stocks! Failed!
    (Sold all precoius metals shares at the end of 2016 for big profit.)
  • Find a way to fund the dividend portfolio with extra funds.Success! (Sold rhinestone shirts from ETSY account to fund the dividend portfolio!)


  • Max out IRA Account
  • 401K to reach $33,000 in Cost Basis
  • Reach $1000 in yearly dividends combined portfolios (401K, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA)
  • Keep Goals up to date as it was ignored in 2017

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