Dividend Application Update!

I’ve recently been working on my dividend application and made some big updates. You can download the latest version from this page. I’ve finally implemented a simple function in the program that allows the dividend application to get all up to date individual stock information such as the market cap, annual dividends, dividend yield, ex-dividend date, pay date, p/e ratio, open price, current price, 52 week range, and days range!

Live Data

Using the example below, when double clicking on the stock symbol “ED” shows the popup information. All the information shown is up to date and the only part that needs to be edited manually is the symbol, stock name, and industry. I could retrieve the stock name automatically but I prefer to name it a little differently than the results from Yahoo.

The right portion of the popup is the shares. I removed the ability to keep track of your buys and sells as it was getting overly too complicated to track and calculate this data. I wanted to keep this application simple and to mimic my current portfolio. However, it does have a date of when you first bought in but you can update the costs and shares to reflect your current portfolio.


Another change that was made was to show the current market value in the calculated results based on the live share price. Also the annual dividend and yield is calculated based on the live values as well.


Pay Date Feature

What I really like about this application is the pay date feature because it provides a really convenient way to see the stocks that is expected to pay dividends for the specified month/year. When pressing the pay date highlight button, it automatically selects all the stocks that are expected to pay a dividend for that month/year. It also shows the results of how much to expect for this month.

For example, I’ve selected the date of December 2015 and the results are shown below. It looks like I have 7 dividends to be paid for a total of $64.74 in the month of December. This feature also includes a breakdown of each individual company’s dividends. I find this very useful especially if you mix and match future stocks you might want to buy and see how it fits in your portfolio.


The last changes made to the application was the theme but I’m still trying to find better ways to design the layout. For now this application is for my own personal use as it connects to my database on the cloud interacting with my list of stocks. But I plan to change that so in the future, it will be a self sustaining application within your computer (Windows). Please check back for regular updates as I will eventually release this application for free on my site for anyone to use!

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