Dividend Liberty Design & New Features!

Latest release can be downloaded on this page! It is Windows 7 compatible. At this moment, I’m not sure if it is compatible with other versions of Windows but I would much appreciate it if you guys can test it out and give some feedback! Once you get to my google drive page, just hit the download image! I’ve been using this application for the past 2-3 months and it has been very useful! You can find the technical manual below!

New Look


Here is the new application! The application now connects directly to Yahoo and it will retrieve the information live!

Portfolio Options


The “Portfolio Options” are the options for the right hand side of the application (My Portfolio).

Get Costs


Under the “Portfolio Options” we will go through the “Get Cost(s)” option first. You can highlight each stock (hold Ctrl+ mouse click) and select “Get Cost(s)”. The app will show you the costs.


Get Dividends


The next option “Get Dividend(s)”, will displays the monthly, quarterly, and yearly dividends for the selected stocks.


Show Sector Percentages


The “Show Sector Percentages” displays the count and percentages of the sectors that you have in your portfolio.


Generate Excel Portfolio



The “generate excel” option will generate a spreadsheet of the information in your portfolio section of the application. Under the “Edit Columns” option, you can select the columns that you want in the spreadsheet as well as renaming the column. In this case, I selected all of the columns to show for my excel file.


Calculated Results


The “Calculate Results” displays the total dividends for the monthly, quarterly, and annually. It also displays the total cost of your portfolio. The total cost is what you have spent on your portfolio (not current market value).


Non Portfolio Options


The “Non Portfolio Options” are the options for the left hand side of the application.


Next To Purchase


The left hand side are stocks that are not in your portfolio. If you select an individual stock, you can check the “Next to purchase” check box to flag that stock for future purchases.



If you would like to see which stocks are your next purchases, you can select “Highlight Next Purchases”. By doing so, the app highlights all the stocks that you want to purchase next and displays how many have been saved. You can elect to move them over if you have purchased them to the right hand side.


Show Sector Percentages


The “Show Sector Percentages” option displays the percentage and count of all the sectors in the left hand side of the application.


Main File Options


The next group of options is under “File”.


Adding New Stocks


Under “File–> New”, you can add a new stock to the non portfolio section. The required information to save are the symbol, industry, and dividend interval options. All other information is retrieved from Yahoo. The right hand side of this form allows you to change the date of the stock’s purchase and enter the shares and cost amounts.


Exporting your stocks




For backup reasons, you can export the XML file that this application uses to save your data. It will store all the not in portfolio and portfolio data.


Importing your stocks



Under the “Import” option, you can import the file that you have exported. So that in the future, if you want to install this application onto another computer, you can simply import your XML file back into the newly installed application!


Refresh Yahoo Data


As for the “Refresh Yahoo Stock Info” option, sometimes the application will fail to connect to Yahoo and will fail to retrieve the information. If this happens, you will receive an error message displaying that all data was not retrieved successfully and you can simply refresh it.


My Portfolio’s Industry Sector Percentages


Other notable features is the industry highlight feature. If you want to select a sector to see what percentage of your stocks is in a particular sector, you can simply highlight the sector and press the highlight button.



In this case, I’ve elected to select “Consumer Staples.” The application highlighted all the stocks in that sector and gives the count and percentage that makes up of your portfolio.


Dividend Pay Date Option


One of my favorite features in the application is the Pay Date option. If you select the date and press highlight, it will display the expected dividends pay dates as well as the amount.



I’ve selected 6 stocks in this example. I’ve already received 3 of them this morning! The amount for DE, GIS, and T has gone up compared to my most recent portfolio in my blog since I’ve already updated my shares and price!


Editing Stock Information


Finally, if you double click on any stocks, it will open the information for it. The right hand side is where you enter the number of shares that you own and the cost. When you press update, it will update your new information!



After having used this application for the past 2-3 months, I find that it is very handy to help me keep track of my portfolio. If you decide to try this application for free, please let me know if you like it or any feedback is much appreciated! After some feedback, I may go back and add new features or update this application, thanks!



4 thoughts on “Dividend Liberty Design & New Features!

    1. DividendLiberty Post author

      Sorry about that first time using google drive. I’ve updated it to where it is now available to the public. Please let me know if you were able to download it, thanks!


      1. DividendLiberty Post author

        I’ve also just corrected an error with generating the excel file. Please download the updated version if you guys haven’t, thanks!


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