Dividend Liberty Application Update (July 2016)

Its been a while since I’ve made an update but I’ve made some significant changes to my Dividend Liberty Application. You can download the latest version on this page for free. A few major changes includes:

  • Added the ability to cache stock information. Dramatically increases the speed of the application after initial load.
  • Changed the design of the application. Instead of a horizontal view it is now a vertical view.
  • The generated Excel sheet now includes formulas for the annual dividends paid column (calculated from the shares multiplied by annual dividend paid from the stock).


Cached Stock Information:

Before the update, every time the user double clicked on a stock, the application would ping Yahoo Finance to gather the stock’s information. Now with the cached features, this is done before the initial load of the application. All of your stock’s information in your list before the application loads will be cached for use. This dramatically speeds up the overall experience.

Another issue that caching resolves is the errors for calculating your stock’s information due to Yahoo’s server being down. This would cause the application to be unusable until the server is back up. Now if Yahoo is down, the previously cached information would be used. Also, once the server is back up and the next time you launch the application (also have the option to refresh yahoo while the app is running), the application will update the necessary information with the latest information.

The third advantage from caching is the speed of moving your stocks in and out of your my portfolio section. It is almost instantaneous now since it reads the data to make calculations from the cached file instead of making the live connection to Yahoo Finance.

One disadvantage is that it takes a bit longer than usual on the initial load of the application. The reason being is that on the initial load, the app is connected to Yahoo’s server to gather all the relevant information for your list of stocks and to update the cached file respectively. For example, if EPS for the stock hasn’t changed then it will not update that information in the cached file. The same loading time goes up when you add a new stock or updating stock information.


Design Change:


I’ve changed the design so that the application will be used vertically instead of horizontally. The reason for this change was when I realized that the application would not be view-able in every resolution. I noticed this when I was developing on my 27″ monitor with a high resolution then in the middle of the day, I jumped to my 15″ monitor. I realized that the application could not fully fit onto my screen. I resolved this issue by stacking the “My Portfolio” section below the “Not In Portfolio” section. I thought the result was a more pleasant experience as your eyes did not have to span across the screen as much in this view.

Another major change is that now the application will show you the live version of the total portfolio cost basis and annual dividends. Also the table will show you the cost basis of each stock, weight, annual dividend, and quarterly dividend.


Generated Excel Sheet:


I’ve made some changes to the generated spreadsheet where the yearly dividend amount paid to you is now a formula calculated from the number of shares column multiplied by the annual dividend received by the stock column. The reason why I did this was to take into consideration of the user so that they can reused the excel sheet. Now the user will be able to plug in and change their number of shares and the yearly dividend amount paid will be calculated due to the formula. I thought this excel sheet could be useful to the users who can generate this spreadsheet and plug it into their blogs instead of trying to update their existing spreadsheets manually. I plan on using this feature to generate my excel sheet and to plug it into the “My Portoflio” section of my blog. I’m currently using a free version of WordPress so I can’t use any plugins to include an excel sheet but in the future I will opt to use it. I hope to get some feedback with this application, thanks everyone!

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