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*Download the Dividend Liberty Application for free here.

I’ve developed a small application that helps me keep track of all my dividends and its pay out. I can also mix and match future dividend stocks to calculate my overall dividends that would be generated as well as to keep track of my buys and sells.

Functionality & Features

Here is my dividend liberty application. The companies on the left hand side are not in my current portfolio and the stocks to the right are in my portfolio.


You can mix and match companies into your portfolio to see the changes in your dividends.


You can store stocks that you don’t own for future usages. You can edit the stock’s properties if you double click to access its properties. Right now the ex dividend date, pay date, annual dividend, and yield are manually entered but in the future, I will include an API from Yahoo that will automatically retrieve this information.


When adding new shares to the stock, you can choose to select “bought” or “sell.”


When pressing the “calculate results” from the bottom right corner, it shows your total portfolio value, total dividend pays, total yield, and even the transaction fees that you’ve incurred on each buy. In this case, TD Ameritrade charged me $9.99 per transaction.


There is a list of all sectors in the drop down box so it will highlight every stock in that sector in your portfolio and give you the weighted percentage.


Another feature that I found useful with my dividend liberty application is pay date highlight button. When you press it, it will highlight all your stocks that will pay you a dividend for the selected month and year. It will also show you the number of stock results, dividend month/year, and the dividend pay amount for the selected date.


And finally, I’ve added a feature where the application will highlight and remember your next purchases (left box).


This application is still in development and the design can use an overhaul. For now I use it as my personal tool but I’m thinking I will release it as a free program that you can download for your own purposes. Right now it connects to a database using MYSQL and stores the data but the future release will be a self contained database within the application. The only feature that I need to update is the ability to pick up the live ex dividend date, pay date, yields, and annual dividends. I will probably use the yahoo finance API.

Check back for future results and please comment below on what you think about this application? Could you fellow dividend investors find this application useful? Thanks!

17 thoughts on “Dividend Liberty Application

  1. Sprout

    Stopped working for me a week or so ago… any chance you could check it out? I get an error that it’s not able to get data from yahoo. Maybe something changed on yahoo’s end? Love the app though πŸ™‚

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    1. DividendLiberty Post author

      Hi Sprout and thanks for visiting and using the Dividend Liberty application!

      Usually when you receive the error message, it is due to the connection issue made to Yahoo to retrieve the necessary information to make the calculations. Sometimes Yahoo’s server is down and it may not retrieve the information so please try at another time. And thanks for using the app, i’m glad somebody loves it! I will continue to improve it as best as I can and hopefully use a different means to retrieve necessary information to do the calculations in the future (I may ditch Yahoo, their servers have been acting up lately). I will make an updated blog when I find and implement a different solution!

      FYI, I recently updated the application with some bug fixes, so if you have time you can download it, uninstall the current version and reinstall the newly downloaded version! Thanks again and hope you check back!


  2. Sprout

    Cool stuff! Yeah, I just uninstalled and re-installed but still can’t seem to get info from yahoo. I’ve tried a bunch of times throughout the week and same error right now. I’m wondering if yahoo maybe changed their API recently or something. In any case, I”ll continue to keep trying and checking back. Good blog, keep it going!


    1. DividendLiberty Post author

      Another thing to note is that you can refresh the yahoo connection while the application is running from file –> refresh. I’m actually thinking about reworking the application to start caching this information instead of the Api retrieving it every time. I gave yahoo too much credit but it’s server seems to be pretty wonky. Thanks for the encouragement!


    2. DividendLiberty Post author

      Hi Sprout, not sure if you will get this message but I did an over haul on my application update. I’ve implemented a cached file so it will speed up the overall speed of the application. Also no more error for not being able to connect to Yahoo Finance. If certain information does not load then you would have to still go to File–> Update Yahoo Information if the initial load did not pick up the relevant information to update the cached file. I’d appreciate it if you could give me some feedback. Thanks!


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  7. Dividend for Starters

    Hey Steve,

    Just came across your Windows application.
    It does look very promising and I would love to give it a go, but at this time, it takes me too much effort to enter my own portfolio.
    A few changes would definitely fix that.

    I’m a software developer myself, so I think I do have some valuable feedback.
    Is there any way I could send you an email somewhere?

    Best wishes, DfS


  8. Chad

    Hi Steve. This is a very clever application you have. I am also a developer, working on insurance enterprise applications and around same age as you.

    Have you considered migrating this to asp.net and hosting it? You should check out Devexpress. They have some really awesome controls. Their grid filtering options would allow your highlighting and calculating options to be real time.

    This stuff just interest me and you really have a cool application.


    1. DividendLiberty Post author

      Hi Chad,

      Thanks for visiting and the compliment about my application! I just looked up Devexpress and it looks very interesting. You know I have been thinking about converting it into an asp.net application so that anyone can access it from anywhere. Perhaps when I have more time I can start a new project doing just that.

      Thanks again for sharing and the compliments!


    1. DividendLiberty Post author

      Thanks for finding a bug! I found the line of code that causes this issue and I’ll have to upload the new fix when I have time after Thanksgiving. Thanks again for informing me!


    1. DividendLiberty Post author


      Sorry that it took a long while but if you’re still interested I’ve fixed the issue. Just uninstall and reinstall and you should be good to go. The issue was that sometimes some data retrieved from Yahoo server for certain stocks returns no data or zero values. It was causing issues from that but I handled it.




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