Dividend Income

All dividends received are automatically reinvested
Click on each year to view the months and the companies that paid dividends for those months.

Year 401k Account Roth IRA (A) Roth IRA (B) Traditional IRA Total Dividends
1 2015 +$0 +$30.74 +$0 +$0 +$30.74
2 2016 +$91.65 +$213.40 +$0 +$0 +$305.05
3 2017 +$424.82 +$430.05 +$0 +$0 +$854.87
4 2018 +$878.60 +$598.63 +$0 +$620.75 +$2,097.98
5 2019 +$1,330.15 +$746.58 +$31.96 +$848.69 +$2,957.38
Total $2,725.22 $2,019.40 $31.96 $1,469.44 $6,246.02


3 thoughts on “Dividend Income

    1. DividendLiberty Post author

      Sorry for the late response.

      It is very exciting to see it grow! Originally, I wanted to save up the dividends and buy the stocks that I find at a discount after collecting enough funds but since I’m starting out I thought I should take advantage of DRIP.

      I think once I reach the $500 a month in dividends that I will stop DRIP and buy the stocks that I find at a discount. Thanks for stopping by!


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